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MkDocs-MagicSpace lets anyone develop, build and even serve awesome documentation websites. MkDocs Workspace is made with It is free and open-source.


With the help of MkDocs-MagicSpace you can make different kinds of websites:

  • Awesome looking docs for your open-source project. Use HTML & CSS to create front page and markdown for doc pages.

  • User manuals and API docs. While enterprise docs are for internal use, create great-looking API websites for your users, and manuals for your customers.

  • Enterprise documentation websites that unite numerous git repositories into one documentation project.

  • Tutorials and training websites. Do you have a lot of experience in something? Share it with the world. MkDocs-MagicSpace helps you to highlight the code in many programming languages, write complex mathematical formulas, draw diagrams and so much more!

  • With MkDocs-MagicSpace you can also create books, booklets, and brochures as .pdf files.


MkDocs-MagicSpace was made to make the development of documentation websites as easy as possible. Everything is taken care of: required software is installed, packages and extensions were carefully selected and added. Tutorials will help you to start right away, and make the best docs for your project!

All you need to know

MkDocs Workspace has a documentation website. It would be strange if it didn't have it 😄

This documentation provides a brief introduction to MkDocs, contains tutorials teaching how to use Markdown and Extended Markdown features, and explains how to work with MkDocs-MagicSpace.