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MkDocs-MagicSpace is an all-in-one tool, carefully crafted to create awesome static websites, with a primary focus on documentation. This workspace has everything needed to start right away.

You can use MkDocs Workspace on you local environment or in the cloud server.

Batteries Included

MkDocs-MagicSpace has MkDocs installed with a collection of extensions and plugins that bring MkDocs to the next level.

MkDocs-MagicSpace is an extension of the workspace-in-docker and has all its features:

  • Workspace UI - launch all workspace tools from one place.
  • Eclipse Theia - open source version of popular Visual Studio Code IDE. Theia is trully open-source, has VS-Code extensions and works in browser. This means it can run inside a docker container on local machine or in cloud.
  • FileBrowser - manage files and folders inside the workspace, and exchange data between local environment and the workspace
  • Cronicle - task scheduler and runner, with a web based front-end UI. It handles both scheduled, repeating and on-demand jobs, targeting any number of worker servers, with real-time stats and live log viewer.
  • Static File Server - view any static html sites as easy as if you do it on your local machine. Serve static websites easily.
  • Ungit - rings user friendliness to git without sacrificing the versatility of it.
  • Midnight Commander - Feature rich visual file manager with internal text viewer and editor.
  • Process Monitor - Monitor running process and resource utilization.

Built on top of Base-workspace and Ubuntu-workspace, this workspace gets all the features those workspaces have. In particular, workspace-in-docker provides excellent experience when working directly in the terminal, and has docker-in-docker.

The technology behind

MkDocs-MagicSpace in its essense is all about MkDocs - a fast, simple and downright gorgeous static site generator that's geared towards building project documentation.

MkDocs has many themes, MkDocs-MagicSpace has Material for MkDocs set up and configured by default. It is one of the best themes for MkDocs, which makes your website look very professional. This theme is extremely customizable, searchable, mobile-friendly, has 40+ languages, has built-in search. It also adds lots of markdown features such as tabbed content containers, mathematical formulas, critic markup, task lists, and more than 10k icons and emojis.

MkDocs-MagicSpace has lots of packages and extensions already installed:

  • PyMdown Extensions - add even more cool features of the extended markdown: sub- and superscripts, keys, magic links, sane headers etc.
  • Mkdocs-macro plugin - add variables and macros written in Python!
  • Mkdocs-monorepo plugin - build multiple documentation folders in a single Mkdocs. Designed for large codebases.
  • MkDocs Newsletter - show the changes of documentation repositories in a user friendly format, at the same time that it's easy for the authors to maintain.
  • Mkdocs-mermaid2-plugin - renders textual graph descriptions into Mermaid graphs (flow charts, sequence diagrams, pie charts, etc.).
  • Pygments - a generic syntax highlighter suitable for use in code hosting, forums, wikis or other applications that need to prettify source code, with over 500 languages and other text formats.
  • Mkdocs-include-markdown-plugin - include Markdown files completely or partially, and include files of any type.
  • Mkdocs-table-reader-plugin - directly insert CSV files as tables in your website.

(The complete list of installed packages - /home/abc/installed-python-packages/mkdocs-requirements.txt)

MkDocs Workspace comes with many plugins and markdown extensions set up and configured. This workspace will save you a ton lot of time, that you would otherwise waste on researching, fixing conflicts, and trying things out until they work.

Workspace is in Docker

MkDocs Workspace was built from Workspace-in-docker, it has all the features that Workspace-in-docker has.

Dockerized Workspaces encapsulate and isolate code, configuration files, assets, secrets, installed packages, and libraries for multiple programming languages, as well as system applications. Such workspace has features that allow working conveniently in a local or remote environment having the same experience. It does not influence your local environment in any way. Workspace is super-easy to set up, use, and delete.

Because workspace - is a group of applications running inside the docker container, you can develop on your laptop, as well as directly on the virtual server in any cloud. You can also start developing locally, and at any moment push the container to the remote server and vice versa.

The very same docker container you use for the development can be instantly committed, in order to create a docker image, which is ready for deployment. This frees you from building new docker images for production, writing docker files, and taking care of dependencies.